Our Solutions

Integrated Security

Our standard product ranges include:

  • Low voltage power for fire, access & intruder systems, CCTV
  • Infra & radio technology for long distance operation and control
  • Electronic relays, timers & distribution modules
  • Batteries for emergency backup power

Our bespoke product areas include:

  • IP54 and IP65 panels
  • Low voltage power
  • Battery boxes
  • Communications modules
  • Audio
  • Surveillance and control/communication solutions

Safety Products

  • LED lighting
  • Portable rechargeable lighting
  • Emergency lighting
  • Communications and GPS
  • RFID
  • Satellite tagging and tracking

Building Managment Systems

  • Modular power solutions for all types of control
  • IP54 and IP65 panels for outstations
  • Network panels
  • Specialist panels
  • Third party product and system interfacing

Energy Solutions

  • Natural ventilation
  • Specialist IP54 and IP65 panels for metering
  • Embedded microprocessor design
  • Specialised imaging

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

  • Power solutions for intelligent building control
  • IP54 and IP65 panels
  • Power and monitoring for actuators
  • Low voltage control for fan systems
  • Systems monitoring for filters
  • Summer/winter bypass control power
  • Low voltage monitoring of frost thermostats

ISIS Technologies Partnership Approach

We will provide designs, products and solutions in a cost effective manner to add to the scope of clients technologies both on an OEM product basis and also on interfaces with third party technologies, removing the need to allocate in-house resource

It is vital to us that, once we have been engaged, clients have complete confidence in the ISIS service to allow them to concentrate their valuable time on other aspects of their business.