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Security, power and control solutions built around your needs

ISIS design and manufacture products and solutions for the security, global communications, power, environmental control, BMS, electronics and lighting industries.

We have over 13 years proven history in delivering excellence to its global and other partners through quality, integrity and responsiveness in designing and manufacturing solutions for a host of industries.

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Integrated security

Our standard product ranges include:

Low voltage power for:

  • Fire
  • Access
  • Intruder
  • CCTV

Infra and radio technology:

  • Long distance operation and control


  • Relays, timers, distribution modules


  • For emergency back up power

Our bespoke product areas include:

  • IP54 and IP65 panels
  • Low voltage power
  • Battery boxes
  • Communications modules
  • Audio
  • Surveillance and control/communication solutions

Safety products

  • LED lighting
  • Portable rechargeable lighting
  • Emergency lighting
  • Communications and GPS
  • RFID
  • Satellite tagging and tracking

Building Management Systems

  • Modular power solutions for all types of control
  • IP54 and IP65 panels for outstations
  • Network panels
  • Specialist panels
  • Third party product and system interfacing

Energy solutions

Modular power solutions for all types of control including:

  • Natural ventilation
  • Specialist IP54 and IP65 panels for metering
  • Embedded microprocessor design
  • Specialised imaging

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

  • Power solutions for intelligent building control
  • IP54 and IP65 panels
  • Power and monitoring for actuators
  • Low voltage control for fan systems
  • Systems monitoring for filters
  • Summer/winter bypass control power
  • Low voltage monitoring of frost thermostats
Please contact us for more information on our full range of products.

Bespoke design options

Fast and effective design service for your unique requirement

Our experienced team have decades of production experience and will complete concept design and budget costings within 48 hours and final designs within just 7 days.

Free and responsive design development with a partnership approach

Will deliver long term supply solutions, keeping production efficient, accurate and cost effective. We will translate your design brief and ideas into the final deliverable product free of charge.

Responsive ordering

Buffer Stock System

Speed of supply and zero disruption with the ISIS Buffer Stock System allows you to communicate real time order information to your clients. Our cost effective global logistics partners ensure that our delivery priorities reflect your own delivery priorities.

For more information on our services call today on 01985 846 000